Item# 59-8430  Ancom Alpha Labels – Set

Item# 59-8430

Ancom Alpha Labels - Set

Alpha TopScan Starter Set, packages. Ancom proprietary 1/2" labels, compatible with Profiles and Owen Business Systems. A-Z + Mc. 3000 Mylar coated labels in a reusable box.

Eliminate misfiles. Fast accurate retrieval with Ancom alpha labels.

Choose solid color with white letters: A-blue, B-orange, C-green, D-pink, E-brown, F-gold, G-turquoise, H-lilac, I-green, J-lavender, K-lime, L-magenta, Mc-white/black, M-Purple, Solid color with white letters and 2 white bars: N-gold, O-blue, P-green, Q-pink, R-lavender, S-orange, T-lime, U-brown, V-turquoise, W-magenta, X-lilac, Y-green, Z-purple.