Item# 63-2000 Index Set for Medical Charts

File folder indexes mark the spot, increasing your profits through better file organization. File folder indexes are sturdy dividers with colored Mylar-coated tabs that are hole-punched for fasteners. Divider tabs are imprinted with document titles, and filebacks have fasteners for piggybacking sections. Stock file folder indexes, sold individually or in sets, are perfect for medical charts. Need a custom filing solution? Indexes installed? Ancom custom indexes are made just for you. Design your own indexes and get a free quote, or try self-adhesive chart divider tabs. Free samples available.

Item# 63-2000  Index Set for Medical Charts

Item# 63-2000

Index Set for Medical Charts

Eight tab stock Index Set for Medical Charts. In stock and ready to ship. Positions 1-8. 50 sets per pkg. As shown only. Also sold individually.

First position (top), blue tab: History & Physical, 2nd position, yellow tab: Progress Notes, 3rd position, red tab: Lab Reports, 4th position, green tab: X-Ray, 5th position, brown tab: Hospital, 6th position, purple tab: Insurance, 7th position, pink tab: Correspondence, 8th position, gray tab: Misc.